IPS e.max CAD CER/inLab HT A4 C14 (L)/5

SKU: 626411

IPS e.max® CAD is a system of composite glass-ceramic blocks (lithium-disilicate) used for ceramic tooth restorations including veneers, inlays, partial crowns and crowns. Blue in color, IPS e.max CAD is delivered in a precrystallized form that is ideal for milling. Given their high translucency, the IPS e.max CAD HT blocks are ideally suitable for the milling of smaller restorations (e.g., inlays, onlays). Restorations made of HT blocks convince users with their true-to-nature chameleon effect and the exceptional adaptation to the remaining tooth structure.

  • Highly esthetic while offering 360 MPa of strength

Delivery Form
Package: 5 Blocks
Shade: A4
Size: C14